July Blog

Its nearly July so, blogs being retrospective, this should be Juneblog really because July hasn’t happened yet, right ?[get on with it.Ed.]

The last month and most of May have been dominated by that dreadful company, British Telecom, and its singular inability to supply me with a reliable broadband connection. Four registered letters of complaint to the Director of Customer Services, one Mr Warren Buckley – make a note of that in case your BT broadband goes phut – have gone unanswered, although one of my letters was read back to me by a very helpful chap in India [BT call India “offshore”] I have, thanks to BT’s cunning circular helpline system, spoken to many of BT’s offshore people and all were polite and sure they could fix things. “Things” amount to one broken wire. MY WIRE. I was promised yesterday by a very sympathetic chap in Cardiff [presumably not offshore]that the broken wire is going to be fixed tomorrow. The broken wire has been known about by all hands – everybody from Cardiff to Mumbai – for weeks. The last Openreach engineer who came to see me agreed with the previous four. “The line’s dead mate”, he offered. “Might have to get an engineer who’s qualified to go down manholes on this.” He really did say that.

I feel for the offshore folk in India who probably take all the flak for BT’s rubbish service. They are pleasant people who give me the impression that they believe the promises they make will be fulfilled by people on the ground here in the UK. Har, har.
I went back to BT because BT own the wires and the company, Openreach, which fixes wires, thinking that faults would be picked up and sorted more quickly. Reasonable but wrong. Very, very wrong.

In between blood – pressure spikes, I’ve done a lot of work, getting ready to upload a shedload of new cartoons on to the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation’s shiny new website. I say “getting ready” – actually I’m dreading it. All my colleagues tell me how easy it is. That’s always a bad sign…………………………

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