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  1. I recently came across a phrase that you might care to incorporate into your repetoire, “modern styles of working”. I have been assured that it is error free, but will include both uploads and downloads.

  2. It is Sunday morning the 24th June as I type. Tonight England could beat Italy in the footie. Maybe not. But if they do they face Germany in the semi-finals. It’ll give Angela and Dave something to talk about. Distractions for us all.

  3. Possible rule of cartooning: It is therapeutic and relieving of pain to be inspired by recent trauma. Juxtaposing Gag and Blog of the month of September seems to suggest that.

  4. Whoo, Bill, a Hills borough non sequitur then a suggestion the Americans had a rule book in Vietnam. The VC and Taliban may not, or may, have rule books, but none of the three include a concept of fairness.Kate and Wills are of no consequence, but worth it for Private Eye covers, “”Get your writs out, darlin’.” I agree with your comments about tories, but then, they do have the name of scum to live down to.

  5. Mr Stoot,

    I love this post! er oops, Mr Stock. No! I meant Mr Snot – arrghh!

    Bill, I really enjoy being a complete stranger reading your blog and laughing – in the presence of my bewildered family (at my laughing not me in general…) – at your cartoons. Your style is inspirational and I will be studying hard your line and colouring tomorrow, this week and all the way into the near future, until that is I have to leave the computer for a pee.

    It really does help the rest of us beginner amateur doodlers to read your generosity in sharing your experience. I also have heard many times the sentence β€œAre you going to be up there ALL night ?”, mostly at 4 a.m. when I believe this question loses it context! πŸ™‚

    I would love to buy an original cartoon from you for inspiration (I will look after it for ever!) and wonder is this at all possible? Do I just point to one on your website and say “This one. How much is that cartoon in the window?…?”…Nno I need your guidance πŸ™‚

    best regards,

    doodling UK born Art Teacher, now living in Oslo, Norway.

  6. How odd. I happen to know a Marjorie Coathanger. Nice girl. She’s a mechanic so she actually has an enormous spanner. Of course, she also has a face like a bag of bums…

    You are, however, right about social media, which seems to be an oxymoron of a kind. The more social our media becomes, the less we seem to communicate with each other. Sitting on the bus the other day, I noticed that every other bugger had their heads down and thumbing away on their phones.

  7. Hi Bil – agree, agree, agree. Good food doesn’t need messing up or celebrity presentation… On another tack are you still doing any after dinner stuff? We met at two hilarious events and I have the cartoons to prove it! I used to chair LEACAN but am now doing some fundraising for Save the Children in my so-called ‘retirement’. Just wondered if you might be tempted.

    All the best

    Sue Hawthorne

  8. Happy birthday. I wouldn’t normally say that to a strange man but you have an Aston Martin Vantage, new hips, and you’ve been to Shrewsbury. Next you’ll tell me that your real name is George Clooney… [sigh]

  9. Hello there, Just browed across your website and realised that you were my Art teacher in school. I was at Arundel Comp (1st year seniors) from 1969 to 1972. I remember you had us graffiti paint the corridor outside the classroom and we loved it. Also you had us do a self portrait and I was really pleased with mine. I look back now (many moons later) and realise that is when I started to love art and I reckon you gave me that appreciation. Also everyone thought you were cool and all the girls had a crush on you. πŸ™‚ Hope you are well – keep on scribbling x

  10. Now this is really excellent news. A cartoon exhibition I can actually get to. You can count on at least one visitor possibly even making multiple visits.

  11. Hmm… I’ll try posting my comment again. I posted one yesterday and it mustn’t have got through.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I’m excited about the exhibition. Great to see one in the North West that will be easy to get to. There’s a Steadman exhibition in London which will prove almost impossible to see. So, you’re assured at least one visitor and I’ll probably make the most of the opportunity to go see it a few times.

  12. Women tennis players who scream I don’t mind so much. It’s the ones with biceps like walnuts that put me off tennis. I remember the day when a glimpse of frilly knicker was the true meaning of summer…


    Yes, it is fun, isn’t it?!

  13. What a load of bollocks, excuse my French. I suggest the editor of Yachting Monthly has hit his head once too often on rigging. I’d be interested to see the work of this friend of his. The editor clearly doesn’t know cartoons or cartoonists. I repeat: what a load of bollocks.

    Wine isn’t a funny subject? She should have spoken to the late Ronald Searle who drew a wonderful book about wine, or the great Ralph Steadman who not only did his own brilliant book on wine but does the labels for Flying Dog Brewery… Okay, not technically wine but pretty damn close.

    Oh, this isn’t helping my mood which has been bad for days and today was horrible. I wrote about Syria too today, a long blog post with illustrations, and then felt a fool for thinking I could even get a handle on something those bad. No bugger read it so I guess it doesn’t matter. I’d be lucky to be fired from something…

    I’m looking forward to the exhibition. I see it starts a day after my birthday so I might make it a treat to myself, so long as they’ll allow somebody like me in.

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  15. What baffles me about HS2 is this promise of quicker journey times to London. I went to London a couple of months ago on the Pendolino and I was surprised to find how quickly we got to Watford Junction and how long it then took us to get into the heart of London. I would have thought that’s what needs fixing…

  16. Excellent stuff as usual but I fear this might be thin end of a bad wedge. Most bloggers I know join Twitter and soon abandon blogging. Does this mean I’ll have to start using Twitter properly in order to follow you?

  17. Blue hue ok, but undead blue hue, that is a value judgement.
    Evil art collectors and no mention of Saatchi, that was clever.

  18. Happy New Year Bill. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to keep remember to wish people a Happy New Year. and write more for the Pangolin. I’ve done one of the two so far, so that’s not too bad, I guess.

  19. The ‘winners’ of the war games would probably be given celebrity status, asked to promote a fashion label, endorse the latest WMD and then be feted by Dave and his chums!

  20. What a fool that editor sounds and (judging by his actions) he is. It you’re having problems like this, then there’s little hope for the rest of us. I’ll never buy ‘Aeroplane’ magazine again.

  21. Being the one exceptionally intelligent Labrador in Dunstable, I appreciate the mention.

    You’re so right about regionalism but it’s a natural consequence of the government in London ignoring the rest of the country. I’ve never known a government that appears less interested in the north.

  22. A shame you didn’t have time to write this month’s blog post but Justin wasn’t bad and I agree with nearly everything he said. In fact, I find that just a little worrying. Normally he talk such rubbish and if he’s making sense, it means either he’s turning atheist or, more worrying, I’m turning Christian… I think I need to take a lie down.

  23. Hi Bill
    On politics, the biggest worry is where the **** is the Β£12b in savings going to come from?!
    Your calendar covers, is there any mileage in poor Bluebell negotiating the henhouse staircase?

  24. Hi Bill
    Just discovered your website after enquiring about your ‘Laughter Lines’ cartoons in the Railway Modeller’ (any chance of a book?). Myself and my other 5/8ths are finally retiring and leaving England’s woody …? …. hoody … shires for vino tinto and sardines grilled outside a tin. However I enjoy your opines and shall follow with interest.

  25. What Remainers don’t seem to understand is that the reason we voted to leave is nothing to do with disliking foreigners. I like the French, the Italians, the Spanish, I visit their countries, I try to learn and use their languages, I can even put up with the Germans. What I can’t put up with is being subjected to a continuous stream of rules, laws, directives or what you will imposed by an unaccountable bunch of political has beens that even included Neil Kinnock’s wife at one point, all presided over by a drunken buffoon

  26. I remember you moving into Lostock Green Bill….and could always tell it was you zooming down Birches Lane by your car.

    Alf, your old postman, before being retired after a fall.

  27. Part of the joy of my daily commute in my 12 year old (never let me down yet) Yaris, is when some arrogant so and so in one of the above named cars, latches onto my tailgate. The closer you get, the slower I go…watching the reddening face makes me shrug my shoulders and chuckle, eliciting an impatient honk, success!…Sad I know but it passes the time.
    …you do know we do it on purpose don’t you?

  28. American comedian Shelley Berman shared your views on television advertising. He said (something like) “When watching television advertising, don’t you sometimes feel that your senses and intellect have suddenly numbed and laid down on the job? Aren’t you a little insulted?

    But are your senses and intellect really essential ingredients for the reception of television advertising? Certainly not! Your intellect be damned! Television is such a graphic business – it shows it to you, and shows it to you, and shows it to you!”

    So you are not alone in your views Bill. Oh, the Shelley Berman stuff was from about 55 years ago! Nothing changes.

  29. “drip-feed starvation” is the approach they favour. Thank you for the term, austerity is worn out.
    The reason there are no aircraft for the carrier is that, because of the leak, they would be too near the water; their wheels might get wet.

  30. Bill,
    I’ve clicked on your name on a Private Eye review of the year website because I recognized it. I think I have a great topical idea for a cartoon and would over the moon to see it published. There are now several questions:
    1) Would you draw it?
    2) Would you get it published? Private Eye would be my thought.
    3) How many people ask you this every month/week/day?
    4) Do you reckon it’s going to be that funny anyway?
    Sorry to hear about Maggie. Wilma looks nice.

  31. Hi Bill! Finally I am getting back to earth again and am just back from another visit to St.Paul’s Eye Hospital. I had to spend all day there for my cataract ops but oh boy it’s worth it! I can now see near perfectly, distance, for the first time since I was nine, tho still need reading specs.
    Delighted you have a new dog and agree with all your accompanying comments; well done old lad!

  32. Really enjoyed your blogs over the past months Bill. And I sympathize totally with the bad back problem. Try acupuncture. I did and it worked well for me. Best wishes for Christmas and all that. Alf, the ex postman.

  33. Hi Bill! Glad to see you are still in business but sorry for your medical problems; Blame M.G.S. and your tyrannical Head of Department. However, he too has medical probs like a slipped disk and too old for an op.

  34. Really glad to see you back Bill. I’d been wondering how you were getting along. Good to hear that the May is still going strong…you were zooming around in the heart 20 years ago when I was delivering your mail.

  35. Hi Bill
    I hope you are keeping well, just wanted to say missing your monthly gag and sometimes β€˜pithy’ blog (always amusing) they were always worth a look.
    Best regards.