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Since my stroke last March, I’ve got back some sort of cartooning equilibrium. I was very lucky inasmuch as the stroke was left-sided, so hasn’t affected my ability to draw because I’m right-handed. I use a stick to walk with now, and happily, driving is not affected.I’ve been very busy with 2022 cartoons for Rose [of Colchester] calendars and am just about to send them roughs for 2023. Its quite a demanding job in terms of the number of roughs needed, but I get on well with the company, so that’s OK.

My elderly Jaguar XK8 continues to run well whilst our second car, a Mazda estate, recently fell foul of electrical problems whereby the battery wouldn’t charge. But Des from my local garage came and spoke severely to it and it seems ok now.Wilma the dog remains my constant companion. If she’s not asleep on the bed, she’s here in the studio, lying on my foot. Sheila’s down here for a couple of days. She brought with her Loopy Kes, her daughter’s border collie. He and Wilma get on well and whilst he likes to be the boss and can be a bit uppity, Wilma, who is very four-square and much stronger, just shoves him over.

Off to hospital later today to see a surgeon about my painful left shoulder. If he suggests surgery, I think I’ll refuse because a few years ago when I was in hospital having a new metal left hip fitted, I met a couple of blokes who’d had replacement shoulder surgery and its a long job. No driving for ages. And I live out in the sticks, so that won’t do. Pain killers. That’s the answer.

This coming May, I’ll be 77. How the hell did I get to be that old ? Recently, one of my favourite cartoonist colleagues, Noel Ford, died. He was three years older than me and a really good bloke. He’ll be greatly missed.    Little Man, my elderly cockatiel’s into his seventeenth year now but remains a wonderful whistler, if a bit fierce if you are silly enough to wave fingers at him.    Right. Off to see the medics !

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