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Back in March this year, I had a stroke – not an experience I can recommend. One minute upright, the next, face down on the kitchen floor. With the help of some vigorous swearing and much licking from Wilma the dog, I got up and contacted need to know folk. Sheila’s doctor daughter, Jen sent for an ambulance and I was carted off to hospital, where I met other stroke victims far worse off than I was. Some couldn’t speak or walk and quite a few were very angry.

I wasn’t angry – more bemused than anything. But then my speech and thinking ability weren’t really affected. My mobility was, and even now, because of a weak left leg, I can’t walk very far, even with the aid of a stick [which is v useful for poking passing peasants]. The NHS hospital staff were brilliant and had me up and walking PDQ. I’m very grateful that the stroke hasn’t affected my drawing ability and I’ve just finished the 2022 calendar range of cartoons which is a real slog of a job, but the customer’s a good prompt payer, so that’s OK.

On the car front, my beloved Jag XK8 conked out recently and made some very expensive noises. But Sheila managed to contact my garage and a low-loader brought us home. The fault lay with the throttle body. But that’s now been fixed by the ever-reliable Des at my local garage [Bowers of Lach Dennis] and the car’s now running as sweetly as ever.  All domestic animals are fine. Wilma, whose hobbies are eating and sleeping is presently flaked out on the bed, and the fish are OK too. “Little Man”, our fierce little cockatiel will be 17 later this year, and remains erm, fierce. But he’s a superb whistler. Anyway, its back to work now…………

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  1. Hi Bill! Glad to see you are still in business but sorry for your medical problems; Blame M.G.S. and your tyrannical Head of Department. However, he too has medical probs like a slipped disk and too old for an op.

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