I was born hundreds of years ago in Preston, Lancs, went to Art College there and later in Liverpool, possibly the funniest city in the whole of Merseyside.

I wasn’t good enough to get a place at any prestigious London colleges, so did what many before me have done and became an Art teacher. In Liverpool. Which is when cartooning began. When Punch magazine gave me money for a cartoon, I began a double life, teaching when it was light and drawing cartoons when it wasn’t. Bill Tidy, Mike and Pete Williams, and Albert Rusling were all Liverpool-ish based then and I’ve been greatly influenced by them.

I left education a long time ago now and over time have built up a reputation as a good, reliable, quick, draw-anything cartoonist, working for many diverse publications all of which have been bribed to say how splendid I am. From The Automobile, Classic Car Buyer, Stationary Engine, Yachting Monthly to Saga Magazine, Private Eye [occasionally] and beyond into the mysterious realms of Financial World, Philosophy Now, and the ubiquitous Railway Modeller, and many more, all of which suggests that there’s a joke in almost everything.

In common with most of my colleagues, I do a lot of private commissions – easily secured by a phone call or email, and, available from Helen Exley Gift books, I have produced a wide range of cartoon books. I also draw cartoon calendars for Rose Calendars of Colchester.

All my work can be sent hardcopy or electronically although I still draw the originals with ink and watercolour, on paper. I quite like the mess. And everything on the site’s for sale, and subject to normal copyright restrictions.

You might also like to have a look at the new “Paintings” section herein. That activity’s very big on mess. As a founder – member of the Professional Cartoonists Organisation [q.v]. I’m bound to think that Professional UK cartoonists are amongst the best in the world, and many of them are in the PCO. And finally…….I’m a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, this last due to a typographical error.

Thanks for looking at my site. I hope it amuses.