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Several weeks ago, I got a letter from the DVLA people saying that because I’d had a stroke [13 months previously !], I had to take another driving test. I’d been driving quite safely in the meantime, but like HM Revenue and Customs, the DVLA is not a body to be ignored. They’d already confiscated my licence and they told me that unless I undertook and passed a new test, I wouldn’t be insured. Hmm.

Anyway, Sheila drove me to the appointed meeting place where we met a very pleasant chap in a little Renault. I absolutely hated my first driving test – which I failed – and the second which I passed. But that was 50+ years ago.

Now, I like driving – especially my Jaguar XK8 – which is a beast – refined, but still a beast. The little Renault turned out to be very easy to handle, and after a much longer and pickier test than the original, the pleasant chap passed me ! I was and still am very relieved. First thing I did when I got home was to go for a blast around country lanes. The Jag’s twenty years old now but it’ll still do 0 to 60 in around 6 seconds AND it passed its looming MOT.

Sheila’s been hugely supportive throughout as has daughter Dr Jen. So has son Nik [immobile presently because of a knackered knee] and daughter Kate, from 12,000 miles away in Oz.
Cartoon – wise, its calendar time – a huge job. All gags are chosen by committee – from around 100 roughs – and there’s a really complicated A3 cover to do as well.

Dog Wilma is still up at Dr Jen’s near Hull because she’s seen as a calming influence on her dog Kes who is a completely loopy border collie. But she’ll be back soon. Out here in the sticks, there isn’t really a Covid 19 effect, but we’ve all got lots of masks.

Right – back to the calendar cover.

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  1. Really glad to see you back Bill. I’d been wondering how you were getting along. Good to hear that the May is still going strong…you were zooming around in the heart 20 years ago when I was delivering your mail.

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