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As Dave tours the world demonstrating yet again what a statesmanlike fellow he is, he and Obama and quite a few others in the West have been upstaged by that Putin chap. Vladimir’s decided that its a good idea to send his Migs into Syria to bomb ISIS. Nobody likes ISIS apart from the thousands of berks [dangerous armed berks] from Russia and elsewhere who think that murdering anybody who doesn’t agree with them is a Good Thing. So, ignoring namby–pamby drone strikes where you only take out a couple of Isisites, Putin’s gone for the big hammer. No bad thing you might think, except that he’s doing it to keep another murderer, Assad, in power.

Power’s the thing which is concentrating lots of Labour minds here at home at the moment. Jeremy Corbyn obviously scares New Labour [who did so well at the last election] absolutely rigid. I mean, he talks about making a fairer society ; about holding massive companies to account with the Taxman – just as you and I are held to account, and [my favourite] knocking lumps off arrogant, dishonest, rich bankers. Absolutely outrageous. Will it work ? Hope so. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, in Cartoonland, its PCO [Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation] Committee meeting time. As Chair thereof, I’ll be off down to London – another place which needs a few lumps knocking off it – to sit on the special Chairperson’s whoopee cushion and discuss, erm, stuff and what we’re going to do about it. How do we get publishers to use more cartoons ? What can we do about the plight of foreign cartoonists who are being imprisoned, tortured and killed by people like Assad ?

Anyway, that’s it for this month – a much shorter Blog, for which I hope all three of you are suitably grateful.

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