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Well its nearly THAT TIME OF YEAR again and I just can’t bring myself to write anything about Christmas. Sad, I know, but it, along with so many other things is subverted, altered and changed by our increasing misuse of communication.

Oh Gawd..will it never end ? This constant twittering ? I’ve already said I don’t like it and why, but every day brings new bollocks dropped by stupid, stupid people who seem to think that Twitter is secret. Some of these people are running the country. How dumb do you have to be not to know that twittering “Marjorie Coathanger has an enormous bum, a face like a bag of spanners and steals things from Waitrose” will get you into a whole shit-storm of trouble ? Not least from Mr Coathanger who, myopia apart, thinks his wife is lovely, but is also a lawyer.

Twitter seems to have become the adult equivalent of the mobile phone bullying kids practice. And we can’t stop it. It’s a legitimate business. Worth billions. As is the other gossip gun, Facebook. We can stop kids being vile with their phones by fiddling with the phones so the little sods can only contact certain numbers. Can’t do that with responsible [Hahahaha] adults putting their feet in their mouths on Twitter.

Ah but, ah but ! I hear you cry – the good Twitter does outweighs the bad. Really ? That’s like saying that the Arab Spring justifies Facebook. It doesn’t. Besides, they’re all still at daggers drawn anyway. And is the US going to stop blowing people to bits with drones, or Israel stop shelling Gaza or Hamas rocketing Israel because of Facebook opinion ? Of course not. I even suspect that ”Mr Netanyahu has an enormous bum and a face like a bag of spanners.” Would not deter.

Who knows, maybe upcoming court cases will instill in Twittering blabbermouths a sense of, well, sense. “I have heard some people say that Marjorie Coathanger has an enormous bum and a face like a bag of spanners and I’m sure she doesn’t shoplift” That’s only 113 characters and way safer than the original, but in the end, who the hell CARES ?

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  1. How odd. I happen to know a Marjorie Coathanger. Nice girl. She’s a mechanic so she actually has an enormous spanner. Of course, she also has a face like a bag of bums…

    You are, however, right about social media, which seems to be an oxymoron of a kind. The more social our media becomes, the less we seem to communicate with each other. Sitting on the bus the other day, I noticed that every other bugger had their heads down and thumbing away on their phones.

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