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Well, that’s September over with, along with Nigel Farage’s chances of being taken seriously as an electable UK politician. At least, after his fellow Ukipper’s clanger regarding sluts, that’s what should happen. But it probably won’t.There are still thousands of [probably] middle-aged blokes out there who think[but don’t say] the same. And speaking of the loony fringe, after what happened in Niarobi, I’m surprised we haven’t heard the National Fronters. They have a new name these days, but whatever they call themselves, its still spelt N – A – Z- I . Given half a chance, they’d go into a Leicester shopping mall armed to the teeth and ask people what Oswald Moseley’s middle name was, and shoot ‘em if they didn’t know. That’s the trouble with terrorists/freedom fighters/insurgents – whether they’re right or wrong, they’re also loony. Many are, like Ukippers, fringe loonies, but the cutting edge merchants like the ones in Niarobi are full, practicing, got the T-shirt and Kalashnikov loonies whose actions give the U.S. all the excuses it needs to drone around the place causing collateral damage.

I seem to have hit a bit of a groove here. I’m not saying that the Tories are terrorists, but they are loony. Disingenuous loonies. In HS2 they have presented a loony scheme. We can’t afford it and even if we could, it wouldn’t do much for us. Time and time again they’ve been asked how on earth HS2 is going to bring 15billion pound’s worth of investment to Leeds. Even KPMG, past masters of creative accounting couldn’t do it. So, instead of holding up his hands and saying, “OK, I was wrong. HS2 is a waste of money. Its cancelled”[I’d admire him for that], Dave simply digs in and says it WILL go ahead, no matter what.Why ? Because lots of his wealthy chums and supporters stand to make loadsa money out of the line’s construction. That’s why.

Ed Miliband is trying hard to find the right message for voters, mainly because irritating media types keep bleating on about the Labour party not having policies. Of course the Labour party has policies. Unfortunately they aren’t greedy me, me, me policies like the Tory’s. Labour has even begun to look less reverently at HS2. Labour would maintain and nourish the NHS. Who knows, they might even be able to unpick the Gove-inspired knots in our education system. And all the while, the irritating media wonder, whilst wringing its hypocritical hands, if this is a “return to socialism”. In the face of HS2 [just got a new boss. Salary ? In excess of £550.000 a year. That’s nearly as much as a footballer !] bankers who really honestly don’t think they’ve done anything wrong, and a government ineptly led by independently rich types, I know which I’ll choose.

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  1. What baffles me about HS2 is this promise of quicker journey times to London. I went to London a couple of months ago on the Pendolino and I was surprised to find how quickly we got to Watford Junction and how long it then took us to get into the heart of London. I would have thought that’s what needs fixing…

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