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A bit early this time because we’re going on holiday [hooray] at the end of this month for a week away from a rising tide of stupidity and official mendacity recorded in  [and in some cases caused by] the media.

Fiction’s put in the shade by the Hillsborough truth. Were the police really that callous, cruel, sneaky and stupid ? Probably, yes, because in the years since Hillsborough, several regional forces have dropped resounding clangers. A murdered little girl undiscovered in the attic of a “searched” house, an MI5 agent murdered and stuffed into a gym bag, a foreign carpenter pursued, cornered , restrained, then shot in the head eight times on a tube train. Granted, these last two are down to the Met who quite probably come under the Secret Services cosh more than most.

And while Obama seeks to see off the awful Mitt Romney, American and other soldiers are being killed by the Taliban which plays by different rules. Just as the North Vietnam soldiers did.

But the Duchess of Cambridge getting her kit off got the biggest headlines. Which is indicative of something or other. I could give a damn. The royals get a free ride. Who cares about the odd bum or tit here and there ?

The Olympics, para or otherwise are over and there’s been much gushing about “legacy” and how sport is going to make everybody’s life wonderful. What rubbish. Getting a job with some dignity might. Becoming able to afford dignified care when old, vulnerable and frail might. But we proles may as well whistle for those things whilst the dreadful Tories are in power. Its Tories who’ll make money out of the Olympics.

“Enough, enough”, I hear you cry. “You’re a cartoonist. Stop ranting on about politics !”

OK, I’ll go pack my bag……………………….

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  1. Whoo, Bill, a Hills borough non sequitur then a suggestion the Americans had a rule book in Vietnam. The VC and Taliban may not, or may, have rule books, but none of the three include a concept of fairness.Kate and Wills are of no consequence, but worth it for Private Eye covers, “”Get your writs out, darlin’.” I agree with your comments about tories, but then, they do have the name of scum to live down to.

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