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Well, first things first. That nice Mr Hislop has taken a gag. Whether it sees the light of day or not in the Eye rather depends on if I get lucky in the current cartoon competition in the Independent, because the cartoon in question – a slightly different version admittedly –was in the batch I sent to the Indy. And they’ve printed it. Doh ! We shall see. Realistically, I don’t think I’ll get the Indy slot. It really should go to somebody a lot younger than me. Somebody who doesn’t qualify for Meals on Wheels.

Elsewhere, in one of those far away places of which we know little but which by happy chance has oodles of oil, Colonel Gadaffi got killed. Whilst resisting arrest in a drainage pipe. Hmmmm. Along with countless innocent civilians who weren’t resisting. They merely lived in Libya.

Meanwhile Big Dave’s warded off a referendum. His lips get thinner by the hour. They’ve been set in a little hard pink line for quite a while now, especially during the recent Eurosummit where suggestions that Greece may well have told porkies to get into the Euroclub abound. And now Italy appears close to a financial snafu. At least Mr Papandreou looks solemn – even regretful. Not so Silvio Berlusconi – the chubby Italian guy who uses the same wig maker as Steven Segal. He does wonderful quotes. Here’s one from 2006. “I am the Jesus Christ of politics. I am a patient victim. I put up with everyone. I sacrifice myself for everyone. “ Insert your own expressions of disbelief here.

Anyway, in a bid to make myself as rich as Berlusconi and be able to afford undetectable hairpieces, I’m about to open a new “Paintings” section on this site. I say “I’m”. Of course, it won’t be me. It’ll be my long–suffering nephew Chris who has tried his damndest to enable me to do my own site – fiddling, but has reckoned without the fact that certain words like “upload” and “error” sap my will to live. The new section will display work, which like everything else on the site, is for sale.

I’ve been prompted to do this by the gallery exhibition I was promised being held back for a while, and because I’ve now got lots of paintings in quite a small house. So, they’ll all be up here soon. In the meantime, be warned, all the paintings are non-figurative, so if you don’t care for paintings where you can’t tell what it is, avoid the section at all costs. Or maybe chance a peek. You might like them. Or not. In which case you can say things like, “My dog could have done that !” Which, without thumbs, is not possible of course.

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  1. I recently came across a phrase that you might care to incorporate into your repetoire, “modern styles of working”. I have been assured that it is error free, but will include both uploads and downloads.

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