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This could be simply a tragic extension of last month’s blog which banged on about isolationist types who would like to leave Europe. Given the Brussels bomb attacks, they’ll probably be all the more intent on pulling up Britannia’s drawbridge at the forthcoming referendum. Out of Europe, out of danger ?

No. What they fail to see is that IS wants to kill or maim anybody who is not like it, just as the Nazis and lots of other Nationalists did before them. IS doesn’t recognize “Europe”. It sees itself as being perfect. A fourth Reich. Like allegedly patriotic Nazism, Islamic Statism is ultimately extreme. It is skilled in brutal social engineering. It produces brain-washed humans who are quite prepared to die whilst flying ‘planes into skyscrapers, slaughtering cartoonists, murdering pop music fans or blowing themselves and lots of innocents to bits in airports. And, as far as they’re concerned, they have God’s blessing. But the people who do these things do not control IS.

Do IS supremos have an ultimate objective ? Might that be to secure control of Middle Eastern oil ? Cut off supplies to everyone except themselves and thereby rule the world ? Instigate a mass-conversion to the IS brand of Islam ? Well, probably not the latter because the IS brand of Islam is no more representative of true Islam than is Nazism.

The West’s record in the Middle East is lamentable; from the siege of Acre and self –righteous Crusaders murdering anybody who wasn’t Christian down the centuries to both recent Gulf Wars.

Many European cities have marginalized Muslim populations with little to lose. Except their lives.

Can it go on ? Well yes it can, especially if an ignorant racist fool like Donald Trump gets his thumb anywhere near the Red Button.

Of course, these are the questions of someone not privy to the knowledge of GCHQ or MI6. An optimist might believe that there are channels open between IS and the west; that through dialogue and compromise there might come a day when petty criminals turned martyrs or bombmakers are no longer needed.

It happened in Northern Ireland – far from perfectly – Catholics and Protestants still hate each other- but it happened, and in recent years far fewer innocent people have been murdered and maimed.

Watch this space. Probably for quite a long time.

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