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Greetings from Lemsipland. I’ve had ‘flu. I say “had” – actually its still hanging on, but better than it has been. Its my own fault. As an elderly person, I can have a free anti-‘flu jab. Despite reminders, I didn’t have it done. I’ll be first in line next year. ‘Flu is horrid.

Meanwhile, in Cartoonland, things are pretty good. Its one of those really busy periods – the sort you wish for when things go quiet – which is nice, but also a bit daunting.

I shall be off down to London on June 7th for the private view of an exhibition of cartoons called “NOT the Royal Academy Summer Show” at Chris Beetles’ Gallery in St James’s. Featured work is all by members of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation. PCO’s an organisation which tries its damndest to present good cartooning as an Art form whereas the official face of Art [Arts Council etc.] tends to think that no matter how well a cartoon is drawn, if it makes you laugh, its not Art. Well, Chris Beetles doesn’t think like that and his rather posh gallery is just round the corner from The Royal Academy. Could be an interesting coming-together.

Victoria Wood. What to say ? Well its mostly been said now, but she proved more than most that humour is essential in allowing us to accept – understand even – life’s vicissitudes. And laugh at the same time. Sixty-two. Huh. Somebody up there got it wrong.

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