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I see poor little Pluto, recently declared to be not big enough to be a real planet has been further upstaged by the folk with the big telescopes who have discovered a planet said to be earth-like orbiting a star ranked as sun-like thousands of light years away, out there in the void.

Now, I might find this fascinating, but many don’t. They ask tedious questions about how much it all costs and what good it does anybody, much in the same way almost everybody doubted the usefulness of powered flight just over a century ago.

Hmm. What will be will be. Or will it ?

Presently, Labour politicians are leaping about like electrified frogs in their search for a new leader with grandees like Mr Blair as horrified as many others at the thought of Jeremy Corbyn becoming the Labour leader.Why?

Well it seems to be because Mr Corbyn is well to the left of centre. [lowest expenses claims of any M.P.] Erm, isn’t that where Labourites are supposed to be?  Isn’t that where Ed Miliband wanted to be ? Or are so many Labour party members doing the headless chicken thing because what they actually want is another Tony Blair ? Some would say that Mr Blair is now indistinguishable from the Tory grandees he so successfully dislodged decades ago.

Meanwhile, in the middle east, so comprehensively bombed by Mr Blair and others, Islamic State continues on its cruel, bloody path towards…….towards what, exactly ? Time, with its ability to only travel forwards, will eventually tell. After all, its not so long ago that the IRA was viewed as the devil incarnate. Now, ex-IRA leaders are MPs or at least on chummy terms with the Royal family, Gawd bless.

Back in the void – astrophysic types won’t like “void” because its not really – its full of stuff, an increasing number of things we can see, lots of things like dark matter which we can’t – and that very distant earth like planet.

I wonder if they play cricket there ? If they do, the chances are they’ll make a better fist of it than our mens’ Test team did in their last match against Australia. Just think, in eons to come, providing we haven’t wiped ourselves out in the meantime, there might be inter-planetary Test matches. Of course, new rules would be needed to ensure fairness, such as only being able to use two of your six legs when running between the wickets.

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  1. Hi Bill
    Just discovered your website after enquiring about your ‘Laughter Lines’ cartoons in the Railway Modeller’ (any chance of a book?). Myself and my other 5/8ths are finally retiring and leaving England’s woody …? …. hoody … shires for vino tinto and sardines grilled outside a tin. However I enjoy your opines and shall follow with interest.

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