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I don’t really want to talk about the Election, he said, talking about the Election, but it was all a bit dire, wasn’t it ? All the doubts quite a lot of people had about Ed Miliband turned out to be sort of true and even Labour bulldogs like Ed Balls were well and truly neutered.

And now we brace ourselves for Osborne’s upcoming budget, doubtlessly containing stuff the Tories didn’t want made public before the Election.

Presently, Dave is zooming around Europe trying to persuade Europeans that they can’t do without the UK. I agree with him. They can’t – any more than the UK can do without Europe. There’s a deluded fringe in the English bit of the UK which wants nothing to do with Europe, or for that matter, the U.S. It’s a sort of throwback group of folk who’d like a return to the days when there was a British Empire and you solved foreign problems by sending gunboats up rivers. Soon, there’s to be a referendum [another] and you can bet your bottom Euro that these deluded types will be out voting like mad – to leave Europe. Could they tip the balance ? Yes they could if the rest of us don’t bother voting. I don’t like referenda. Too much like the Eurovision Song Contest. As a breed, the public’s incredibly fickle – vis-à-vis Mr Ball’s demise or the bacon sandwich effect.

Enough of that.

I’ve nearly finished the drawings for a couple of 2017 calendars – all 18 of them – well 19 if you count the cover, and its been something of a slog. And I still haven’t come up with a cover design.

Meanwhile, in Hen City, all three girls look terrific. They’re laying so well, I’m giving eggs away. I have a slight concern about Bluebell, the oldest hen. She’s less nimble these days, choosing to fall down the steps from their sleeping quarters in the morning instead of picking her way carefully to the ground.

Anyway, now its back to the future and calendar covers.

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  1. Hi Bill
    On politics, the biggest worry is where the **** is the £12b in savings going to come from?!
    Your calendar covers, is there any mileage in poor Bluebell negotiating the henhouse staircase?

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