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We all tell lies. “Hi, how are you ?” “Oh, pretty good, thanks” should on occasion read, “ Bloody awful, actually. I hate my life and wish I was dead. “ But we usually don’t tell that sort of truth because it would lead to a difficult conversation we don’t want.

Even the most good lie. I bet the Pope tells fibs. “How were your poached eggs this morning, Your Holiness ?” “Very good, thank you.” Actually, the eggs were undercooked, watery and there were bits of shell lurking.

So the Leveson Inquiry is fascinating. Its lifted political and commercial  untruth to a whole new level. And what is so amazing about it is that the Murdochs, Hunts and their acolytes are lying about others’ covert, illegal information passing and gathering, sure in the knowledge that THEIR phones have probably been hacked, too. And that somewhere there’s a grubby person just waiting for the right time to go public. Will Mr Grubby get his chance ? Probably not. Political stage-managing will ensure that the Leveson Enquiry will not eventually have its proper effect, i.e., the toppling of this we’re all in this together NOT posh boy government. No. At some point, Leveson will be relegated to page six by a Secret Service manufactured crisis. A foreign submarine detected in the Thames whilst the Queen’s floating along on her barge. Boris Johnson found locked in a gym bag. Dwayne Chambers being allowed to run in the Olympics and beating a nobbled Hussain Bolt. All things are possible in pursuit of National Security and status quo.. Changing Joe Public’s focus is easy. And Dave’s got it made in the coming months. The last Royal wedding worked a treat. Roll on a Royal birth. Soon, wall to wall Olympics will distract and dazzle. And who remembers the Belgrano now ? Certainly not Daily Mail readers.

It worked for Maggie. It’ll work for Dave.

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  1. It is Sunday morning the 24th June as I type. Tonight England could beat Italy in the footie. Maybe not. But if they do they face Germany in the semi-finals. It’ll give Angela and Dave something to talk about. Distractions for us all.

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