August Blog

Its been an interesting month. Got the job of drawing twelve cartoons for Saga’s 2013 calendar. This year’s was done by the mighty Ed McClachlan. No pressure there then.

And on Thursday last, the BBC called and I got filmed drawing and talking about the village’s campaign to prevent a speculative developer building a crematorium in the village. The Beeb team insisted on filming in my studio despite health warnings. I was astounded to learn that the camera they were using cost £40,000 !

Moving right along to Friday, we were amongst the millions upon millions watching the Olympic opening thrash. Danny Boyle’s played a blinder there. Less spellbinding was the endless procession of athletes, and the speeches were dire. But nowhere near as dire as Paul McCartney who seems to be under some sort of delusion. And the Arctic Monkeys’ first number was all a bit clashy. Their second [Beatles cover] was more acceptable.

There’s a lesson here somewhere. Boyle’s triumph was all the sweeter because it had been kept secret. The impossibly high expectations of our athletes hasn’t, so when Mark Cavendish got stitched up by all those other blokes on bikes after we’d been assured by pundits that he was a dead cert for a gold medal, it leaves a sort of bleak feeling.

But it shouldn’t really, should it ? As I ‘ve said before, the whole Olympic “thing” reeks of blatant commercialism and copyright protection, so I suppose I’m not really an Olympic fan.

Meanwhile, in the corridors of power, rumours abound that Dave’s thinking of sacking the chancellor and moving him somewhere else. How can this be ? Are they not chums and buddies, little rich boys together ? Apparently not. It seems that Smugborne’s plans aren’t working and as the clock ticks down to a general election after the Diamond Jubilee knees-up, and soon the Olympics, have done nothing for Dave’s ratings, good old Vince might get his day in the sun. Hopefully with a small “s” .

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