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Well ! Nice, fuzzy, touchy-feelie, funny Boris has morphed into what he really is ; a rich Tory who honestly believes that he is one of the Princes of the Universe. Greed is good. High IQ is good, and let the devil take the hindmost. If his speech didn’t bear directly on to this government’s policies it would be funny; Pythonesque in its condemnation of privilege. Boris pointed out that some people in the UK have an IQ of 80. Well of course they have, you Old Etonian duffer ! The AVERAGE IQ is 100. 80 PROVIDES ONE OF THE FIGURES YOU NEED TO GET AN AVERAGE !

Then this silver spoon-fed toff [IQ at least 267] went on to outline a society which in part exists already, where the rich [greedy intelligent people] get richer and the poor [those, according to Boris’s thinking, with an IQ of 100 or less] either stay poor or get poorer. THAT IS HAPPENING AS I TYPE.

What of compassion, Boris ? What of the little old ladies who find that the £200 heating allowance – probably no more than you and your privileged cronies would spend on a half-way decent bottle of wine – isn’t enough to keep them warm ?

Anyway, let’s hope that Boris’s speech helps put an end to the Torys’ disgraceful feudal rule.

Elsewhere in Stottland we’re wondering about Scots independence and as with the ongoing stupidity with HS2, failing to see how that will work financially. Maybe England should push for independence from Scotland.

Happily, I’ve got my battered little Alfa 147 back from the menders after it got smashed up by a little street-orc [IQ unknown] and it looks wonderful and can now resume its runabout duties whilst the big beast Jag remains in the garage, only growling forth for longer journeys.

And soon ‘twill be Christmas. I’ve done all my Christmas shopping [smirks slightly] and pretty soon, I’ll have printed all the cards too – once I’ve navigated Vistaprint’s infuriatingly convoluted site. Just wish my IQ was a bit higher.

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