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I was late with April’s Blog, so I’m scribbling this on the 21st of April. Lots of time therefore, for much of what follows to become redundant before May. Mind you, one or two things will hang on, I think. Things like our strange Prime Minister claiming that the UK is a Christian country and that we [Christians] should spend more time proclaiming our faith, whilst, presumably, all other faiths in the country have a day off. Who the hell advises this man ?  This is clearly daft.

On the other hand, this government does daft rather well, doesn’t it. HS2 is daft. Going easy on Mrs Miller was daft. But Dave’s best bit of daftness is his “Happiness Index” unveiled a while ago and presumably still collecting valuable data. I know quite a few individuals who are in fact, happy, but who might well react to some clip-boarder who asks them how happy they are by saying, “Piss off !”

Of course, there are loads of things to be happy about. Like not being Syrian or Ukrainian and lots of personal bits of glee too, such as the immediate proximity of Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival [ Sat 26th April]. But there are stacks of things to be deeply unhappy about too.

The older I get, the more cheesed off I become with individuals who want to become mega-rich, irrespective of what they actually do, from pointless celebs to pro footballers, from arms dealers to bankers. What’s wrong with being a bit rich ? Do they need to be mega-wealthy so that they can mingle with the mega-wealthy ? There’s a certain logic there. After all, the poor mingle with the poor, don’t they ?

Soon, barring acts of God or runaway cement lorries, I’ll be 70. One of the original baby-boomers who can remember food rationing,Dinky cars, Listen With Mother starting and newscasters far more clipped and dispassionate than they are now. …….

”Earlier today, the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Mr Herbert Sherbert was turned into a preganant elk by the leader of the Opposition, Mr    Frank Blank M.P. London Zoo has been informed. That is the end of the news .” 

All delivered in an OTT plummy voice,and followed by a shipping forecast which still contained the fabled German Bight and Portland Bill. Aaah. Those were the days. [That’s a joke. They were actually monochromatic and just a bit boring]

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