July Blog

On the way to Tesco there’s a huge car sales place, mostly Vauxhall and Kia – but thousands of ‘em. And every one has two England flags poking from their windows. The 4x4s have four. The entire agency is festooned. What does it all say ? We support an entirely naff team ? I don’t know, but I do sympathise with whoever has to take it all down. By the time you read this, all the flags will be gone, to be replaced with some other sign of support. What for ? South American dentistry, perhaps.

Something else which has slipped a bit is our dear P.M’s credibility in terms of judging people. When everybody else thought Coulson a bit dodgy, Dave hired him as a mouthpiece. I’m surprised too that the ex-editor of the News of the World was found not guilty. Of anything. Most odd. A lucrative T.V. career beckons.

But I suppose the ongoing Big Thing is the avowed intent of ISIS to redraw the middle eastern map – to take it back in fact, to its pre-First World War boundaries by killing anybody who gets in its way. Of course, the West is wringing its hands for the poor people caught up in the slaughter, and worried sick about oil supplies. I mean, all these people are Muslims, right ? How can people of the same religion hate each other so much ? Well, much in the same way people in Northern Ireland do.

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