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So much happening. Serious stuff which makes silly little blogs like this just a bit irrelevant. The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is mind bogglingly stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But its all very well saying things like that at a safe, comfortable, shell-free distance, just as its all very well for pundits to tell ignoramii like me that I we “don’t understand the complexities of the situation”. And because we’re so ignorant, we ask simplistic questions like, would it hurt Israel SO much to give back some of the land that was swiped from the Palestinians in the first place ? Would it hurt Palestine SO much to simultaneously stop firing rockets and to stop invading Israel through tunnels ? HAMAS has a political/religous agenda. The more civilians who get blown to bits by tank shells, the more they can say, “its not our fault” Of course, the USA COULD change the game plan by TELLING Israel to stop. Will they ? Of course not.
Heard on the news this morning that naughty, dishonest and swindling bankers are going to be dealt with more severely. Really ? If an ordinary civilian criminal had perpetrated the huge scams bankers have pulled off, they’d be doing time now.
But the Commonwealth Games coverage is doing its best to inject a feelgood factor. I wonder what effect it’ll have on the Yes/No independence vote ?
And the England cricket team’s got its act together. Hasn’t Roy Hodgson gone quiet ?
In Cartoonworld, I’m off down to Herne Bay for that town’s Cartoon Festival this coming weekend. Looks like local Councils are at long last getting the message that the public likes cartoons. What a pity publishers don’t have the wit to understand that. Not so long ago, Shrewsbury was the only live cartoon event in the country. Now, there’s Herne Bay, and later in the month, one in Southport.
For reasons not entirely clear to me, but quite possibly due to a typographical error, I’ve just become Chairperson of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation. That’ll mean occasional trips to London. Why’s London so expensive ? Is it because everybody wants to live there ?
Well I certainly don’t.
On the other hand, friends have been househunting oop north recently and have been struck by the disconnect between estate agents’ blurb and bricks and mortar reality. Hence the Gag of the Month. Its safer than doing one about the Middle East.

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