February blog

Well, its all back to normal now, isn’t it ? Front page news in the Daily Mirror today was all about some Coronation St actress being caught drink driving, under the banner of “FLORRIE HARDBOTTLES’ [not her real name] DRINK-DRIVE SHAME”, and other papers are the same. The disgraceful, dreadful French murders MIGHT exist inside somewhere, but they’ve now more or less evaporated. The press, and the media generally are very powerful. Just now, its as if the media’s decided that Joe Public’s had enough of mind-numbing murders in Paris and needs something truly shocking instead. Huh.
Meanwhile if you Google “Draw the Line Here”, you’ll find a book of cartoons by UK cartoonists. We’re trying to sell copies so we can give the proceeds to the relatives of the Charlie Hebdo victims. That terrible business might have been superceded by boozy Florrie in the Mirror, but its not gone away. Oh no.
Westminster hands are all winding themselves and each other up about this year’s General Election. Here again, the media can be hugely influential. If TV showed back to back episodes of Coronation St and Eastenders for the 24 hours of voting day, what might the turnout be ?

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