March blog

Had to go back to Feb’s blog to see what I’d written………….anyway, there’s still a huge amount of work going on with the Draw the Line Here cartoon book, but we have achieved our target money and now Crowdshed and English Pen are investigating the arcane mysteries of self-publishing. Not traditional publishing, you’ll note. That takes absolutely ages, with lead times of anything up to twelve months. By then there’s little doubt that nutters with guns and bombs will have killed lots more people.
In the meantime some Chelsea football fans have plopped themselves firmly into the Ignorant and Stupid bucket as well. They really must have little tiny, selfish lives. On the other hand, there are those who perforce of their massive salaries and bonuses we might think of as having big lives  are just as selfish as the proud racists of Chelsea FC. Yes, those arrogant bankers at HSBC are back on the naughty step again. Have they ever been off it ? No. They simply pay the fines and carry on being naughty.
And soon we’ll have the excitement of a General Election, with politicking to make Wolf Hall look like Little House on the Prairie. Can’t wait. Groan.

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