July Blog

I suppose it was always a bit naive to expect some sort of New Dawn after the Tory election victory . Safe to say, there hasn’t been one. In fact its business as usual – jam tomorrow – and already one or two U turns. The trans Pennines rail service, for example, is dire. Patrick McLoughlin bigged up the prospect of electrifying said line. But yesterday went back on that and said the country [he meant the Government] couldn’t afford it. Why ? Is it because of the billions earmarked for HS2 – a rail service most people don’t want, unlike improvements to the trans Pennine service which they definitely DO want ?

Meanwhile, young UK citizens, demonstrating, some would say, the wisdom of youth , continue to fly off to Syria to join ISIS, one of the cruelest outfits ever to be given guns. Why ? Could it be because they’re stupid ? Or have they made careful study of ISIS methods and aims and concluded that it’s a kind, caring and ultimately beneficial organization ? ‘Course not. They’re stupid.

On the 7th of July, there’ll be a publisher’s launch event in London for Draw the Line Here – the book of cartoons laughing at the murderous, stupid trolls who shot cartoonists, police and a janitor in Paris in January. Hopefully it’ll boost sales. Proceeds go to relatives of the murdered and to English Pen, the free speech charity.

Its on Amazon. Go on – buy one !

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