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Bit late with this [nothing new there, then] and I’m afraid it’s a bit of a rant. I am SO sick of overwhelmingly unremarkable people being sold as “celebrities”. Consequently, this is a rant. Apologies.

Frank Sinatra. He was a celebrity. OK, he was very tiny and wore a dreadful wig, but he could sing, dance a bit and hung about with gangsters which doubtless helped with the celebrity thing in that it discouraged yobs from shouting, “Oi, wiggy, do I Done it My Way!”

Atilla the Hun had a fair old following too. You were either for or against him. If you were against him, he killed you. Certainly got him known about the place.

And Marilyn Monroe – whoa – now there was a celebrity ! So it wasn’t her real name, which was Norma Postule or something, but who cared ? – that lady dazzled.

I could bang off an almost endless list of real celebrities…………..Ella Fitzgerald, Alma Cogan,Rasputin, Petula Clark, John Wayne, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Sooty, The Queen Mother, Willie Nelson………so could you.

But why were they celebrities ? I will tell you. Its because they actually DID something really well. [scrub The Queen Mother although she had a hell of a wave on her]

These days we’re awash with thousands, nay millions of alleged celebrities who haven’t really done anything. Or if they have, only a little bit of it. Or badly, or both. Why should this be ?

Well its all to do with the internet, smart phones and millions of sad young bastards who haven’t got lives. The media panders to these saddoes by producing so-called newspapers which advertise “ALL THE GOSS” – that being snippets of inconsequential tittle-tattle about “Big Bro love-rat nipple ring bust-up” featuring young people you’ve never heard of who don’t actually do anything but get themselves on telly because they’re thick and don’t want to be who they actually are.

TV adverts help the whole thing along too with shedloads of deeply irritating, grinning fools pushing toothpaste, or in one UBER-irritating ad., a cool young man taking everything in his stride whilst DRINKING WEETABIX !! Honest. I’d fire the arrogant poser pdq.

Can anything be done about it ? Probably not, but eventually Justin Bieber will be fifty and by then he will have stopped being fashionable and irritating. His place will have been taken long before that by another celeb. We can’t even SAY the word properly these days in an age which favours textspeak and WALOS means What a Load of Shite. That certainly works for me. [TCWFM]

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