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Off down to London last Monday, there to meet with other PCO Committee members. We hey-hoed to posh St James’s, an area bristling with art galleries, quite a few of which were flogging v old Italian paintings of very fed-up looking Virgin Mary types holding distinctly middle-aged, muscular babies.
But the place we went to doesn’t do that sort of thing. Its called The Chris Beetles Gallery [because its owned by the singularly named Chris Beetles]. In keeping with with the rest of the area, Chris’s gallery is posh. It specialises in Illustration and cartoons. Kind Mr Beetles and son Alex hold quite a few of my cartoons and occasionally sell one, for far more than a freelancer can expect from magazines, so he and Alex are on our “like” list.
However, this visit was to follow up on an idea put to Chris a few weeks ago. The gallery is near the Royal Academy which puts on a show every year called “The Royal Academy Summer Show” – paintings, prints, sculpture – traditional and contemporary. So the PCO Committee thought it would be good to have Mr Beetles put on, at the same time, an exhibition of Art based cartoons [see Gag of the Month] called, “NOT the R.A. Summer Show.“ Beetles father and son jumped at the idea, sorted out terms and conditions the following day and, even as I type, colleagues are submitting work for consideration. All of which generates a certain warm glow.
Of course, elsewhere, ISIL killers continue to be intolerant of anybody but themselves whilst the Labour party, especially the shadow cabinet are wondering how to deal with a wholly principled leader who sticks to his beliefs. Interesting.

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