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By the time you read this we’ll either be still in the European Union or not. What “not” means, I dread to think.  Those with the biggest megaphones in the Leave campaign, i.e., Gove, Johnson and Farage seem to have a vision of brave little England sailing off into the blue yonder unencumbered by responsibilities for migrants whilst not having to deal with European foreigners either.

The other issue here is the fact that Boris would like very much to be Prime Minister – 70-odd years too late. The time for Churchillian oratory is over, Boris. As for Gove and Farage, like Boris, from a cartoonist’s point of view, they’re both a bit odd-looking, and presumably would be content to be swept along on the Johnson coat-tails to Downing Street. Well, maybe not Farage. Nobody seems to know what to do with him. Including himself.

Meanwhile, human depravity knows no bounds. The pathetically cruel American dentist who killed a lion last year in the name of sport was bad enough, but people [mainly men] who “give” fox cubs to their hunting dogs to torment and kill are beneath contempt. The hunting of foxes with dogs is illegal. Full stop. I suppose people who go “big game” hunting do it to prove how tough and superior they are. What does giving baby foxes to dogs prove ? Absolutely nothing beyond the fact that the men who do this fall into the same disgusting category as the slaughterhouse workers who tormented animals which were about to die.

OK, that serious bit over and time to concentrate on a different serious bit. My pc has recently been overhauled. Since then, many of its functions don’t work. It won’t scan and send – which is vital – and Computerman can’t come and fix it [he did the overhaul] until next Monday. Groan.

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